LOVE Revolution

I want to start a revolution. Not the kind of revolution we’re used to; not a loud one, not a violent one, not one that makes headlines or one that leads to fame and glory. I want to start a revolution in me, and you, everyone who reads this blog, and your family and your friends and the people you meet every day from now on. I don’t want a lot from you, it doesn’t take a lot, it only takes love.

There is not a religion or an ideology in this world that can truly stand on a platform of hate. At the root of it all everyone supports love. Unfortunately, as human beings, we all tend to make mistakes and that love is given conditions, restrictions; that love gets held back. What we don’t realize is when we hold love back, give it out selectively like Christmas gifts, for instance, then we make room for hate. I’m not immune to this. I have held my love back. I have judged people based on my perceptions of them, their abilities, their intelligence. But now I say NO MORE.

I will start this revolution in me, I will stand up and say no more, there is no more room for hate in my life. No room for judgment, no room at all. I may not agree with someone, with their decisions or their hate, but I will LOVE them with everything in me. I will love enough that, maybe, just maybe, my love can expand past my own tiny self and chase off the hate in someone else’s heart.

But how am I going to do that? There are so many ways. I have begun, already, by going to those I claimed to dislike and getting to know and understand them. If I don’t think I can love someone I FIND A REASON to love them. I force myself to love them until its easy because, the truth is, you don’t have to be lovable to be loved; even the most hateful person can be made good, can be made lovable, but only through an outpouring of transforming and renewing love.

If you don’t know where to begin look into the program I am trying to start, Strang(ers) No More, which attempts to challenge myself and others to break through our prejudice, to confront it eye-to-eye and see if our judgments and our hate can stand up to the power of true human connection.

This is abstract, I know, but I want it to be this way. I want to leave room for people to express their love, to embrace it in their own personal way. I will use this blog to inspire, encourage, and make suggestions towards action but I also want to open it up (the comments are there, thankfully, for a reason!) to the ideas, the experiences, and the love of anyone out there who may be reading.

To start, I have a bit of a pledge that you can choose to take (or not) to commit to here, or elsewhere on the internet and in the real world. Use it to recruit, use it as an affirmation, use it however you want or not at all, the point is its here:

I pledge to put aside skin color, religion, sexual orientation, and anything else that divides in my mind.

I pledge to see others only as LOVE; as human beings deserving of love.

I pledge to see myself, first and foremost, as a person full of love and hope.

I pledge to bring love to others in our world, to be one small voice in a movement that is constantly growing to chase hate and fear away forever.

3 thoughts on “LOVE Revolution

  1. You do realize that this is eutopia you’re askin for, right?

    I had this crazy thought that somehow we’re all related that we have the same origin which is Adam and Eve, so we should all be good to each other, but then I read the papers and I watched the news and I attended a corporate meeting in the morning and I realized that we may come from the same origin, but we’re fighting all the time, we’re hurting eachother, we’re cheating, we’re lying, we’re killing, we’re torturing and this is just how this world is.

    You remind me of the movie, Pay it Forward, it was on TV last night and I thought that maybe if we do apply that thing, maybe the world could be a better place, but then again I don’t know. It’s just crazy.

  2. I will always be an idealist, it’s the one thing that no one can take from me.

    I will say that I do not expect everyone in the world to have the strength or the commitment or even just the interest to follow this but I know there have to be more people like me out there who just want to do ANYTHING to make a difference… and what could be bigger and more effective than changing yourself?

    I see your point of view but, where you say “that’s just how this world is” I still believe, and am fighting to keep believing that it doesn’t have to be that way. At least, not for me.

    (PS. I love Pay it Forward although the book is even more moving than the movie!)

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