Christmas Cheer

In order to help us remember to be thankful for all that we have this Christmas I’ve scoured the internet news databases for some inspiring service projects happening on Christmas day. We have…

A dance in India, A 24 hour bike ride, some Christmas warmth, and a rescue effort for Toys for Tots.


I found the heat one especially inspiring – probably because my room was without heat for days this week – some angel disguised as a heating specialist came by on Christmas Eve to fix it for me! But still, I can’t imagine what it would be like to just not have heat anywhere in your home – at least I could sleep downstairs in the warmth.

An excerpt from the article:

The Seattle church and homeless shelter that Henjum helps to run needed a new cookstove. A man who had placed an ad hoping to sell his stove agreed to donate it instead — he even helped the women at Mary’s Place/Church of Mary Magdalene get rid of their old, broken stove and put the new one in.

Only later did the women learn their benefactor was himself out of work; the construction company he’d owned had recently gone under.

The man could have focused on what he didn’t have, Henjum says, “but he had a stove that he was willing to give to us. He focused on what he could give.”

If anyone is interested in donating some adequate heat to low-income families I found a few links (I think this may be where some of my Christmas money is headed!) We have H.E.A.T in Georgia, another in Oregon, a Keep the Heat On in Rhode Island, and I’m sure there are more. (Try typing something like ‘Heat, {State Name}, Donate’ into google)


So Merry Christmas (or Happy 25th to everyone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas) – I’ll be back Saturday with real updates, not just links I pulled.

In the meantime, use those comments — how did you brighten someone else’s day recently?

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