New Years Resolutions?

The week before New Years tends to be a time of reflection, at least with the people I know, where time is spent considering what needs to be improved in each person’s life so that they can make a New Years Resolution concerning whatever aspect they decided needs work. But seriously, honestly, when are resolutions EVER kept? The answer, as we all know I’m sure, is rarely. But why? I think it has to do with negativity.

Most New Years Resolutions I have seen have revolved around something negative such as…

  • I’m fat and need to lose weight
  • I’m not as successful as I would like to be and must change that
  • I’m lonely and therefore something about me must change so I can get more dates…
  • and so on.

While I think some Resolutions – like quitting smoking or deciding to commit to a cause – are great, I believe that most fail because they are rooted in insecurity and negativity about an aspect of a person’s self. These resolutions generally push the resolver somewhere closer to a social ideal (ie. weight loss) which makes them very socially acceptable – but even if your friends are proud of your resolution, that doesn’t make it healthy or good for your own self esteem.


I propose we start a New New Years Tradition, or, just an anytime tradition. So, this New Years (or any time you have the time) sit down and write a love letter to yourself. No, I’m not kidding. Yes its cheesey, but its cheesey in a very good way, in a way that will allow you to take this letter out later when you’re feeling down and remember all of the fabulous things about you that make you the awesome person you are!

It doesn’t have to be a Shakespeare worthy sonnet or something for the history books. If you don’t like to write so much try making a list, or drawing a picture even. Just create something that celebrates you, right now, as you are. And, then, if you want to make that resolution still; go ahead and make it – you may be surprised at how well your new found self-appreciation will help you to stay positive and right on track with whatever you resolve!

In the comments: Go ahead and tell us why you’re awesome, or talk about Resolutions or anything this inspires you to say…

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