Radical Radiance

“As a culture, we are on a first-name basis with women like Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie,” she says. “The most celebrated, recognizable women today are famous primarily for being thin and pretty, while women who are actually changing the world remain comparatively invisible. Most of us have a harder time naming women of other accomplishments.”

– Audrey Brashich, former teen model and author of All Made Up: A Girl’s Guide to Seeing Through Celebrity Hype and Celebrating Real Beauty.


Sad but true, right? Its so easy to shake our heads at realities like this and move on, but why? why? Why is this our reality? Because we accept it. So, cut it out. Tell me about the amazing people you know, women and men who are changing the world, doing good deeds, changing your life, or just plain living out loud. Send me your stories and I’ll post them here in a new regular feature: Radical Radiance. Let’s give the limelight to someone who not only has their own personal beauty, but is trying to create some beauty in the world as well. I’ll start the feature today, we’ll make it a regular Tuesday thing!

Remember: imaginejill@gmail.com

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