Sunday Five

fiveSo many fantastic blogs have been linking me this week… it’s really exciting/flattering so thank you all! All of the links leading here have finally given me the push to make another regular feature. So, I present to you my Sunday Five; a roundup of (five) things too awesome not to post! I know there are blogs that do this already (like who’s carousel is awesome and way more expansive than I ever hope to be) I am certainly not claiming this idea as my own, I just want to jump on the bandwagon :)

So, anyways, this weeks topic is body acceptance since that seems to be a recurring theme around here!

  1. Check out medicinal marzipan‘s list of body-positive blog posts (that includes a reference to this site!)
  2. Fatshionista is a totally awesome online fashion and lifestyle community for those who don’t fit the “model” mold.
  3. Elastic Waist is, sadly, now retired but the archives are great entertainment. In addition, “Young, Fat, and Fabulous” is another totally body-positive blog (that still has regular posting!) I’ve been following it for awhile now.
  4. encouragingwords_322

  5. The Free Encouragement Project is over but the results are spectacular – think of all the fun things you can do with these images!
  6. Here’s a fun list of tips & tricks for “Creating a Body-Positive World” :)

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