Sunday Five

Its time for the second edition of Sunday Five! Following the Yoko post and Travis’ recent Feminist Music from this week I’ve been pointed to a lot of awesome feminist links, so, here you go – a Feminism Sunday Five!

  • Feministing is a fantastic blog that I’ve been reading since the beginning of this semester at college – it’s actually a large part of the reason why I started this blog!
  • If you’ve never watched Target: Women watch now! Sarah Haskins manages to produce hysterically funny, but still intelligent episodes that bring awareness to the media-stereotyping aimed towards women. But, most importantly – they’re really funny.
  • I will admit that I found this last blog while writing this post, but that’s not the point…  Mothers for Women’s Lib is an awesome resource. It was interesting for me to read (although, not so relevant to my life right now) and I’m sure it will come in handy for some of my readers!


  • An old, but inspiring, article on Male Feminists because they do exist. And, on that note, have you ever heard of Walk a Mile in Her Shoes? I participated in this event for my first time at college this year – it may have just been my favorite event of the semester! (Can you look at that picture without smiling? I can’t!)
  • Finally here are some famous feminists – this list is great, but nowhere near complete. Post some of your favorite feminists (male & female) in the comments… maybe I’ll make a more inclusive list sometime soon.

I hope you all enjoy the last few hours of weekend!

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