True Inclusiveness

So, more good news today, future President Obama has invited Reverend Gene Robinson, an openly gay bishop, to deliver a prayer at an inaugural event on Sunday AND Reverend Sharon Watkins (obviously, a woman!) to deliver a prayer on Wednesday.

ukreuterscomJoe Solmonese, president of gay rights advocates the Human Rights Campaign, called Robinson’s selection “encouraging.”

“Bishop Robinson models what prayer should be — spiritual reflection put into action for justice,” he said.

Robinson, who last year entered into a civil union with his longtime partner in New Hampshire, said his prayer would focus on inclusiveness.

“It will certainly be a message that everyone in the nation can identify with. And part of the prayer will be for President Obama but also I am going to include words of prayer for the nation and what I think we are called upon to do,” he said.

watkinsxblog200The Rev. Sharon Watkins, head of a small liberal mainline denomination, will deliver the short sermon at the National Prayer Service at the National Cathedral on Wednesday. It’s the first time a woman has been selected for the event the inaugural committee bills as “celebrating America’s diversity of faith”with prayers, readings and hymns. […] Sunday’s New York Times coverage on Watkins says she’s known for a tone of unity, inclusiveness, tolerance and hope.

However calculated this action may be (as most political actions are) I feel that this was the best possible way for the Obama campaign to have handled the disappointment over Warren. By inviting religious leaders who represent different viewpoints, viewpoints that are more identifiable with the groups that Warren excludes, to speak over the course of this historic week Obama has truly shown an interest in diversity and tolerance. I said from the beginning I was not against being tolerant of Warren, my problem was simply with the respect and credibility that this honor was giving to Warren’s hateful ideology – a message I simply could not support my future president in portraying. Now, instead of holding Warren up to a place of honor alone, Obama is also granting similar respect and privilege to an openly gay man and a woman and thus, giving them and their viewpoints the same credibility as Warren. Well played, Obama.

Now, that’s all I have to say about Rick Warren; I am officially done feeling angry and hurt! I only wish Obama had made these invitations from the start and saved us all a lot of heartache.

One thought on “True Inclusiveness

  1. This is good news, and I join you in wishing he had done it from the start. Or better yet, tapped Gene Robinson to say the inaugural invocation, and relegated Rick Warren to some small event just to be “inclusive.”

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