Creating Peace

Sometimes I attempt to be philosophical. Bear with me, this is one of those times.


Where is the voice of the peace movement today?

Everywhere. It’s not loud enough for you to hear because we of this century believe in doing things quietly. It’s too dangerous to do it in the way we did then. That was fist power. Now it’s dream power.

– Yoko Ono


Take a moment today to simply envision peace; not necessarily world peace, just peace somewhere in your spehere of influence. Use that dream to inspire you, today and beyond, to remind you of the peace that is possible in your life; the peace that is waiting to be created by you.

So often we think of peace as something passive that exists until we bring an aggravation in to destroy it; when we should be viewing peace as an active process, one that is ongoing and must be encouraged from within every day. If you view peace as it’s own entity, rather than the absence of war, then you see that peace is possible, even when the world that surrounds you is filled with chaos and darkness. Focus, and let the dream of peace shine out from you to brighten your life and the lives of those around you.


This may be vague, I mean it to be. There is no “assignment” or set action for today, simply think about this idea of peace and allow it to manifest itself in your life however it may fit.


In the comments, if you feel like it, tell me how peace exists in your life.

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