Sunday Five

I’m on my way to a birthday dinner for my grandpa so the links this week are going to be short and sweet, but don’t worry they’re still good. After last week’s post of serious action-related links this week is going to take a slightly different, slightly less serious topic… namely, things to make you smile :)


1) Baby animals, Cute Overload, and LOL-Cats are always fantastic things to distract a person from their problems – after all who can feel stressed when looking at a picture of a kitten sticking out it’s tounge?

2) Sometimes a little retail therapy is actually just the thing to turn a bad mood around (it certainly works for me, much to my bank account’s dismay) why not help out a crafty entrepreneur, do shopping for international fair trade, or even shop here for the cause of your choice while you’re at it?

3) Maybe some awesome youtube videos are your preferred way of cheering up? I personally love ninja cat and muppets videos :)

4) Awesome blogs also make me smile – especially iCiNG!


5) Looking at pretty pieces of artwork (or even painting something myself) always makes me smile too – this is my current favorite. You may not be able to get to the museum but why not take advantage of the internet to do some online art browsing of your own?

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