Radical Radiance: Ty Pennington

ty-pennington-the-gitTy Pennington is a carpenter who really came into in the media spotlight as a team-member on the show Trading Spaces where he aided teams in building the furniture they needed to re-do the room of their nighbor/friend/family member etc.

Following his popularity from this show he was chosen as the host of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition which airs every Sunday at 8pm on ABC. Extreme Makeover renovates the homes of generous and deserving people who cannot afford to fix up their homes themselves. He spends 240 days out of the year working on the show, and declares it to be “the greatest job in the world”. Even though he is the host, and not a carpenter on the show, Ty chooses one room each show to renovate totally secretly on his own; he has not stopped doing the carpentry work that he became famous for.

One of his favorite things about the show is that they, “shoot everywhere,” with “real people, real places, real communities, focusing on everyday heroes, teachers, cops—just folks. That’s what makes it so cool.”

Ty has also done some acting and modeling, more towards the beginning of his career. He has also written two books; the man truly is a jack-of-all-trades.

Beyond being a hardworking public figure, Ty brings hope to many people suffering from ADD and ADHD. A a child Ty describes himself in an interview with E! as excessivley energetic, claiming: “I would strip down naked, and swing from the blinds in my classroom as a child and swear along with that if I didn’t get my way. I was just very very bad kid overall, I don’t know how my mother raised me!” He wasn’t actually diagnosed with ADHD until college, so Ty knows what its like to struggle and try to deal with a disability, without even knowing what they disability is for many years of his life. Now, as an adult, Pennington is a spokesperson for the organization ADHD Experts on Call.

Ty Pennington deserves this spot, not just because of the charitable nature of most of the projects he’s involved with but also because of his inspiring ability to overcome a disease and achieve more success than most people manage in a lifetime. Ty truly is an inspiration for those who suffer from ADHD or ADD and feel limited by their condition – he is a perfect example of how these things can be overcome and even used in your advantage.

2 thoughts on “Radical Radiance: Ty Pennington

  1. Je suis émue par ce que vous faites, et bizarrement à la fin de chaque émission je pleure comme une enfant.
    Je suis africaine, et sénégalaise précisément, mais j’adore votre émission et je n’en reviens pas de votre générosité et en la regardant je sens l’honnêteté la franchise, le coeur qui travaille et votre équipe qui si dynamique croyant à ce qu’elle fait.
    Je pense qu’un jour vous songerez venir en Afrique, sinon je vous encourage de tout coeur. Et la question que je me pose est comment DIEU vous payera de l’émotion que vous faites vivre chez les personne qui vous regarde, pour celle à qui vous faite n’en parlons même. MERCI

  2. Ty ,tu programa me encanta,te felicito,haces una hermosa obra junto a tu equipo de colaboradores,son super comprometidos y hacen una excelente labor a favor de la humanidad,si ubieran más equipos como Uds. que lindo sería este mundo.mis saludos .Atte a ud. Paulina Muñoz,Santiago de Chile.

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