Conflict Resolution

I’ve been having a fairly stressful few days, so I decided to channel my stress into a post. Here are three things I should have practiced this week in terms of conflict resolution…


1) Never assume the other person knows how you are feeling. Many disagreements start due to poor communication; if someone does something to hurt you what you need to do immediately is to sit that person down and calmly explain how you feel about what was said or done. Use I phrases (“I feel…” “I think…” etc.) instead of you phrases (“You made me…”) in order to approach the situation in a non-confrontational way.

2) Keep your mind open to the other side. Many arguments happen as a result of people being stuck too firmly in their own point of views. Try to turn the disagreement around and see how the other person is feeling; if you’re upset about something there is a chance that they did not realize their actions would upset you at the time… give them the benefit of the doubt and a chance to apologize before you turn to anger.

3) Don’t dwell on the past. Generally a small argument is not worth ruining a friendship over, ther are obviously exceptions but if your friend makes a sincere effort to understand how you feel and apologize, then it’s up to you to find forgiveness in your heart and move forward with a clean slate; don’t forget what happened, but learn from it and move on into a stronger friendship.


What can you add to this? I promise we’ll be back SOON with real, quality posts… I have a lot in the works!

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