Sunday Five

This week’s links are all things that make me think of warmer weather… because it’s freezing here right now, but it helps a little to know that Winter is SO CLOSE to finally being over :) So, here are links to put us all in the warm-weather mindset; even if there’s still snow on the ground.

1) This music video for Put Your Records On by Corrinne Bailey Rae – I love the song and the video just looks so warm and pretty!

2) Flicker clusters let me find pretty images of summer by searching for a while bunch (a cluster!) of words related to summer, not just the word itself :) Check it out!

3) L.L Bean has a pretty awesome park search that you can use once it warms up to find that perfect camping, hiking, picnicing, kayacking… whatever spot anywhere in the world. (They also have an option to search for parks that offer skiing and other winter activities so you can use it right now if you want.)


4) I wish I could attend the World Championships of Sand Sculpture! However, like my of us, I’ll just have to make due looking at the awesome pictures from competitions that have passed.

5) For students (like me!), teachers, and many people summer also represents a great deal of free time; I definitely plan to use a good amount of my summer donating my time to an awesome charity. Why not try… Habitat for Humanity, an Animal Shelter, or Camp Sunshine?

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