Sunday Five

Many countries are experiencing hard times now due to their economies; many people are losing their jobs, losing money, and worried about the future… that’s why  this Sunday Five is dedicated to reminding us there there is always someone who needs help more than we do. Why not give your time, voice, and support to an organization that helps those with less than you? If for no other reason, just think of the good karma that would come out of that ;)


1) Kiva is an awesome organization that allows people to sponsor a specific entrepreneur in a foreign country; someone who needs money to start a business or keep theirs afloat. Donating to this site is rewarding, not only because you get to help someone work towards their dreams, but also because most who give get the money they put in back with interest. Humanitarian investing… who could oppose that?

logo2) Relay for Life is just around the corner (and I am busy trying to actually get some donations for my team!) have you considered walking or donating to someone who is walking? I’m helping to organize the Relay at my school this year, and walking in it myself, in memory of an inspiring High School teacher I had who passed away, due to breast cancer, last year. This organization is an amazing way to spread hope, raise awareness about cancer prevention, and to raise money that goes directly towards making that cure a reality.


3) Valentine’s day may be over, but V-Day continues on; Its not too late to see a showing of the Vagina Monologues! V-Day events are running through April 30th this year, and the shows are fantastic! The Vagina Monologues are a great night out, and the money that each show raises goes to a bunch of seriously awesome places (it varies depending on the showing) so go to the V-Day website and find a staging near you!

4logo1) As a follow up to yesterday’s angry post, I wanted to put something positive up so I have two great organizations that both work to end domestic violence: Men Stopping Violence and The National Domestic Violence Hotline . Also, did you know that the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network has an online hotline that you can volunteer to staff, wherever you are? I’m actually starting my training at a local Rape Crisis Phone Hotline next week, but the online hotline is great for those who can’t travel/commit that much time! Even if you don’t feel like donating/volunteering, you can attain some more knowledge from these sites and educate the people around you.


5) Support Scarleteen which is an incredibly progressive and informative online resource for teens and adults alike to turn to for information on building a healthy sex life. Resources like this are vital, especially when so many states only offer abstinence only education, which leads teens to make foolish and uninformed choices. Scarleteen helps those people make smart choices instead; they even have a form with trained voluenteers to help people deal with emotional and physical issues about self esteem, relationships, sex and much more.

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