Sunday Five

The print media is something that is really hurting right now as both the economy and the accessability of the internet make it harder and harder for real paper magazines to keep selling subscriptions and making money. Now, I will say that I am not the biggest fan of most fashion and “health” magazines (and don’t even get me started on “men’s” magazines) – the messages that many of these publications send to women about their bodies and their souls are truly deplorable, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t FABULOUS magazines out there too. So, today’s abbreviated Sunday Five Three and a Half is all about the magazines that I adore, and I think you should too…

covermagrgbThe LOVE Magazine is brand, brand, brand new – a brave British endeavor as print media becomes a more difficult way to make money every day. I haven’t managed to get my hands on a copy yet (the international factor is getting in the way) but the buzz online, especially on LOVE‘S own website and blog, has convinced me that when I do get to read it, I will love LOVE. I mean, what is there to disklike about a magazine that feature’s the amazingly confident Beth Ditto, rocker Iggy Pop, photographer Davis Simms, and designer Alber Elbaz, and so many other people all within its premier edition. In their own words… “Love is a twice-yearly compendium of inspiration – for designers, for artists, for anyone looking for visual ideas; for anyone who loves fashion and design so much that they want to climb inside the heads of their heroes. Love doesn’t follow fashion: it sets fashion’s agenda. LOVE people. LOVE character. LOVE fashion (obviously). LOVE fame. LOVE Beth Ditto more than you have ever LOVEd her before. LOVE the imperfect. You know it makes sense.”

noircoverBITCH Magazine amazes me pretty much consistently every time I open the magazine itself, or click onto their website which is also full of interesting content. Bitch Magazine is a magazine that exists, “to point out the insidious, everyday sexism of popular culture, propose alternatives, and celebrate pro-woman, pro-feminism pop products.” This magazine is constantly offering up critiques of things that I have seen and been driven crazy by (case in point: Twilight) as well as pointing out good and bad elements of the media-saturated culture that I have somehow managed to miss. This magazine is a fantastic source to illustrate the connect between feminism and our culture – I would recommend it to anyone.


Finally, not a magazine, but a TV show: Ugly Betty. Is anyone really surprised that I adore Ugly Betty so much? Betty seems to do it all; she challenges beauty norms, navagates the fashion industry, illustrates the importance of family and peronal connections, stands as a role model for everyone in terms of integrity, self-esteem, and honesty… all well remaining realistically imperfect and relateable. Yes, the plots can get slightly predictable and we do go into each episode knowing that Betty will perservere in the end, no matter what; but overall, I think this show is a compelling and very well-done critique on the fashion and magazine industries, and beauty standards in general. Betty is one of the few characters on television that I can really see as a role model and a true positive influence. If you don’t watch Ugly Betty regularly, I really think you should start now!

Also, the Scribble Project is awesome… and I can count it because the creator plans on turning it some of the super-amazing submissions a ‘zine in a few weeks! Maybe you should submit one?

With that, I am cutting short for today due to overwhelming amounts of work. Have any other magazines/television shows/movies/etc. to add to my list? Comments are there!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Five

  1. hello! thanks for mentioning my blog the scribble project!

    you’re doing really great things with this blog. i’ve only read a few posts but it’s so refreshing to read about positive body image & equal rights. right on!

    is that what you’re studying? ♥

  2. I’m studying a ton of things in college but whenever I can I work in feminism, body image, equal rights, and all of the other things I believe in!

    Thank you for your support :) I really appreciate positive feedback!

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