I’m a Male Feminist

Finally, an outside contribution! The author wants to remain anonymous but yesterday’s post inspired him to write about his own personal relationship with feminism. Thank you for being brave enough to share your story. If anyone else has something they’d like to say, as always, just send it over to imaginejill@gmail.com and tell me how you’d like to be credited (name, link to your blog, and so on…) you don’t have to write something that necessarily agrees with my ideology either, so long as your writing is productive and does not include hate-speech I will honor your voice.



Growing up in my home, I noticed at a young age the undeniably apparent chauvinism that popped up frequently. My father, who “brought home the bacon”, was perfectly willing to do “manly” housework like fixing appliances or mowing the lawn, but he balked at the thought of having to wash the dishes or mop the floor; that was emasculating, best left for my mother to accomplish.

To this very day, my father will refuse to do anything related to cleaning the kitchen. He will bring his dishes and put them right next to the open dishwasher, but never take the second of extra effort to put them inside, instead demanding that my sister or I clean up his dishes. Whenever someone would drive in a manner he did not approve of, my father would mutter about “crazy women drivers”. In short, anything remotely feminine was an insult to his masculinity and he wanted nothing to do with it.

How surprising it must be for him, then, that his son identifies as a feminist.

Yes men, you too can be a feminist! Any man who believes that women deserve equality is a feminist and it is extremely important that more men begin to realize how necessary men are in the fight for equal rights. First off, let’s dispel the obvious misconception: you do not have to be a woman to be a feminist. Most men think of feminists as crazy, hairy, man-hating women who continue pushing an obsolete agenda. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Just look at a dictionary definition of feminism: “Belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.” How can we as men not believe in the full equality of women? Any man who fits that definition is a feminist, whether he likes it or not.

Men can play a very important role in the fight for equality among the sexes. All of the issues that are faced by feminism are not just women’s issues, they are everyone’s issues; problems such as rape and other sexual violence do not only affect women. In the United States we do not even have equal rights under the national law; although it has been introduced to every Congress for the past 27 years, the Equal Rights Amendment has consistently failed to gain enough support to pass. That, to me, is ridiculous and it just shows how much further we as a nation have to go to ensure equality. A great way to get active is to participate in events such as “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” in which men wear women’s high-heeled shoes and walk a mile to protest domestic violence and rape.

We as men need to unite and join the fight for equality of the sexes; no matter what anyone tells you, men and women have yet to attain equal rights and the fight is still as relevant as it always has been. Feminist men need to come out and support feminism, because only when men and women work together can we amend the injustices wrought upon women and guarantee that all sexes have equal rights under the law.

One thought on “I’m a Male Feminist

  1. why can’t more poeple be like you?

    i’m doing an assignment on feminism and i had no idea of the sexist views that this world still has.

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