Project: Body Image

This article* about the prevalence of breast augmentation surgeries following mastectomies is, in my opinion, the perfect lead-in for my newest project. I like this article because it doesn’t pass judgment on the practice; it presents one woman’s experience in a way that honors the experience of women who make different choices from her as well. With that said, I want to know…whats_your_story_offI am collecting stories, from women and men, about their bodies and how they feel about them. You can tell me anything – a story, a rant, something that spans months or years, the events of a single day… anything that relates to your body image (positive or negative) and/or how you came to this perception of your body. The stories will then be compiled (all anonymously) and used to write a performance piece which will be put on for Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2010.

Also, I’ll post some of the finished project here!

I really mean it when I want responses from everyone; any weight, any age, any gender, anyone… the success of the project is really going to depend on the variety of my sources!

Below the cut are some questions that might help you get started!

How do you feel about your body?

  1. How does eating make you feel about your body?
  2. How does exercise make you feel about your body?
  3. How do your clothes make you feel about your body?
  4. What makes you feel badly about your body?
  5. What makes you feel good about your body?
  6. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to lose weight?
  7. What is the first memory you can recall where you were conscious of your body image – either negatively or positively?
  8. Is there anyone in your life who contributes to your body image?
  9. Do you feel like your body is an accurate portrayal of the person inside?

Answer all of them, or none of them, or anywhere in between… just please, help me out!

(Responses can be sent to

* found via Feministing!

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