Opposite Day?

Today is the “Day of Truth” a day that was established by zealous religious groups in order to, “counter the promotion of the homosexual agenda and express an opposing viewpoint from a Christian perspective.” This event co-opts the methods used by those who practice the Day of Silence to spread lies through pamphlets that they hand out during their silent protest. Among these lies, all of which can be found on their website, the organization behind the “Day of Truth” claims that GLBTIQ individuals already have the same rights as heterosexual individuals, they ignore real scientific evidence to claim there there is no genetic component to homosexuality,  they push the idea that legalizing gay marriage would lead to legalization of polygamy and so on… the list goes on and on. The point is; the Day of Truth is anything but a day of truth.

I certainly respect the free-speech rights of the participants in The Day for Truth, I do not believe they should be silenced I simply believe they should be educated…

This is going to be a relatively short post because the following videos really say it all for me.

The first, a lovely film produced by the “Illinois Family Institiute” that uses scare tactics and a complete lack of honesty to portray the Day of Silence as something it is not. When I look at this video, with children’s mouths being taped shut to FORCE them to observe the day and compare it with my own Day of Silence experience, at a fairly liberal NJ college, where only a few of us observed the day and were met sometimes with tolerance, sometimes with disgust… I just have to laugh at the ridiculous caricature that this”‘institute” believes people will fall for.

If you’ve been feeling swayed by this video, or other (maybe more reasonable) arguments anti-marriage equality/anti-GLBTIQ movements (like NOM) have been making lately, in regards to their religious freedoms being “infringed upon” (among other scare-tactics) watch this and understand what’s really at work here:

I would just like to add (because I’m not 100% sure it was covered in the second video) that the higher likelihood for alcohol abuse, drug abuse, depression etc. that the first video claims in inherint in homosexual individuals first of all, is not conclusively proven, and second of all is more likely a result of the marginalization and abuse that the GLBTIQ population tends to recieve at the hands of society, rather than something that is inherent within a homosexual individual’s genetic makeup or whatever the Illinois Family Institute believes it is a result of.

Learn the facts and spread your own truth, please because the last thing we need in this world are more intolerant lies.

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