August 2nd – Picture Perfect

So day one seems to have been a success :) Before we move on to today I just want to thank everyone who is participating so far, especially Mo over at Big Fat Deal for getting her whole community involved. Everyone made some pretty fantastic lists! So today’s activity is a new one, one that I haven’t tried yet but I figured it might be some fun… I guess we’ll see? Lets get to it…

August 2nd – Grab a huge pile of pictures of yourself  (ones you love, ones you hate, and the ones in between), sit down, and spend however long you have to coming up with at least one positive thing about the way you look in each picture. Scrapbook them if you want to (its a nice thing to look back to), do it out loud with a friend, or just complete this exercise in your head – the point is to start focusing on the positive parts of the picture, and yourself, instead of the negative things!

This activity brought to mind a great post that I read on Shapely Prose just a day or two ago. If you’re stuck, or just in the mood for something to read, this blog post might be just the thing to help you along today! If you’re not really in a reading mood, here’s a short excerpt to give you an idea as to why I found this post so awesome:

“A lot of things have changed in the last three years, but the most important change here is how I view other women’s beauty. It’s not that I used to be jealous of beautiful women, though of course I envied them some — it’s that I often felt diminished by them, as though they were so pretty just to spite me, to remind me my place in the order of things. Of course, this had nothing to do with them and everything to do with me. I felt like I was passing as a pretty woman most of the time, and the presence of someone who was Certifiably Pretty revealed my true nature. Standing next to M, who is kind and generous and funny and sweet but also very very pretty, made me feel like my mask had been torn off.

Now it’s like looking with new eyes — but of course it’s really my new brain. I don’t compare myself with her; I love myself with her, because she is my friend. When I see those 2006 pictures now, I feel like I look prettier in her company; her beauty includes me now, because I look at both of us with a more generous gaze. We’re not pitted against each other in a zero-sum contest of finite beauty; we are friends in a world that is, at times, heart-rendingly beautiful.”

5608_1176453615089_1340550464_30812007_4159006_nI’m running short on time today (packing for a big beach trip & getting ready for my birthday) and I didn’t have a lot of time to devote to this exercise, so I went the lazt route – looking through facebook pictures instead of real ones. I decided to make my least favorite picture my facebook picture, just for a little while, to see how looking at it every day affects the way I feel.

This picture comes from a fantastic trip to the city with my mom & some friends. We went to the Central Park Zoo, took pictures with the statues, visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Model as the Muse exhibit, visited a street fair, and ate dinner at this adorable little cafe called Alice’s Teacup. I was so excited about this outfit too, and the pictures from the day… until I got home and looked at them.

I look a lot bigger in this dress than I usually do and that really bothered me, but I’m trying not to let it. I choose this picture out of the set because I feel like it best reflects the way I was that day – happy, excited, enjoying my day & not worrying about looking big. I love the statue in the picture (its the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park!) and how much fun I appear to be having, those are the things I’m going to focus on because I know this is one of those pictures I’ll look back on a few years from now and think, “What was I upset about? I look great!” (Am I the only person this happens to?) but hopefully I won’t have to wait a few years to get to that stage.

How’s everyone else’s day two going?

BTW –  if anyone has a suggestion for August 25th I’d love to hear it… there’s a sad little gap in our calendar!

2 thoughts on “August 2nd – Picture Perfect

  1. Like I said on Amplify, I think this project is a wonderful idea, and I’m so glad you’re doing it.
    As for the picture, you know what I see? A girl who’s having fun!

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