August 3rd – Reading Day :)

August 3rd – Time to start thinking a little bigger. Set aside some time & get reading something positive that’s going to make you feel good about who you are & the way you look!

When I want to read something positive there are a few places I turn to, these should help you on your search:

  • Medicinal Marzipan’s weekly “Body Lovin’ Blogosphere” roundups are a great place to begin – and I’m not saying that because they often link back here…. check out this week’s roundup as well as roundups from weeks before by clicking here!
  • Another great source of body-positive reading is Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose.
  • For general positivity Gala Darling’s iCiNG is another great (very pink!) website to check out.
  • I also love Fatshionista, Big Fat Deal, and The F Word.
  • (Check out the links on the sidebar for even more ideas!)

If books are more your style I recommend…

New York Times reporter Kolata may be the best writer around covering the science of health. Here she offers an eye-opening book that questions all our received wisdom about why we get fat and the health hazards of those extra pounds. In chapters equally entertaining and dismaying, Kolata (Flu) traces the history of dieting fads back to the 19th century; discusses our changing ideas about the ideal body (thinner and thinner); and, most importantly, explains how genetic and biochemical understanding has (at least among researchers) replaced the view of obesity as a lack of self-control. Most dramatic is Kolata’s recounting of Jeff Friedman’s groundbreaking search at Rockefeller University for the “satiety factor,” a hormone he called leptin that tells our brains when we’re full. The science alternates with moving chapters in which Kolata follows a group of people in a weight-loss study who are trying desperately to get thin—a quest that, as Kolata makes increasingly clear is sadly futile. In her final—and perhaps most surprising—chapter, Kolata blasts those in the obesity industry—such as Jenny Craig and academic obesity research centers—who are invested in promoting the idea that overweight is unhealthy and diet and exercise are effective despite a raft of evidence to the contrary. This book will change your thinking about weight, whether you struggle with it or not. (From Publisher’s Weekly via Amazon)

“Getting undressed for the dreaded seventh-grade gym class. Feeling fascinated with, yet disgusted by, the fashion magazines full of perfect, unattainable bodies. Enduring the pain of a bikini wax or suffering the ramifications of over-plucked brows… like all women, the contributors to The Bigger the Better, the Tighter the Sweater have been there and lived to tell the tale. With laugh-out-loud essays on such topics as the hell of puberty; fashion errors and triumphs; rolls, jiggles, and dimples; the positives and pitfalls of cosmetic surgery; and beauty standards across different races and cultures, readers will feel that they are sitting down with their girlfriends for a funny, honest, and thought-provoking conversation about our complex relationships with our bodies. With smarts, wit, and style, this collection captures the double bind of beauty and body image that women contend with each day.”

Drop a link to what self-esteem boosting blogs/books you’ve been reading lately in the comments!

Rethinking Thin: The New Science of Weight Loss–and the Myths and Realities of Dieting

2 thoughts on “August 3rd – Reading Day :)

  1. I almost included Young, Fat, & Fabulous on the list of recommendations… I honestly can’t remember how it got left off, so I’m really glad you mentioned it :) I like your list!

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