August 7th – Critical Analysis

August 7th – Now that we’re feeling good & positive lets back those feelings up with some knowledge! Think about one health-related question you’ve always wondered about and do some fact finding. For instance: what BMI is/isn’t good for, what a “healthy weight” really entails, etc.

So lets talk resources for researching healthy living – and I mean real resources, not ones that are trying to shame you into buying some “miracle” product/diet plan/ whatever.

  • Michelle @ The Fat Nutritionist is a recent find, thanks to a link on The F Word. The blogger responsible for this site, Michelle, is in the last term of her “dietitians of Canada-accredited nutrition degree (BASc) and psychology minor” and has five years of experience working in nutrition – basically, she’s appropriately educated, not trying to sell you anything but health, and a great writer… why not listen to her?
  • The Fat Nutritionist’s blog also pointed me in the direction of Ellyn Satter‘s website all about healthy eating and feeding.
  • Junkfood Science is another favorite of mine, the blog provides “critical examinations of studies and news on food, weight, health and healthcare that mainstream media misses.” It also  “debunks popular myths, explains science and exposes fraud that affects your health.” The author of this site, Sandy, has an impressive resume and list of credentials backing her up – you can see for yourself here! The links on Junkfood Science are also great resources for further research.

That’s it for be but, please, don’t hesitate to share some more resources in the comments!

(NOTE: Still on vacation and, thus, not responding to comments & e-mails. Your comments will still go up, however, I’m not moderating them so that the conversation here doesn’t have to stop while I’m gone. Can’t wait to see what you’ve all done when I get back tomorrow!)

2 thoughts on “August 7th – Critical Analysis

  1. My husband and I sat down scrolled through Kate Harding’s BMI Flickr set:

    Mindy is "underweight."

    And we talked about how ridiculous the calculations seem when you actually compare real people to the numbers. It was really eye-opening.

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