Self Esteem Awareness Month, Week One Highlights!

I’m back from the beach and wow, have I missed a lot! I just want to start this post with a big thank you to everyone participating thus far. I’ve spent my first few hours back reading the blogs of those on the participants list and combing google and my track-backs for anyone I may have missed… you all are awesome! Its amazing to see how so many of you have taken exercises that I created with a certain “image” in my head and just totally blown that image out of the water with your creativity! On that note, I’d like to share some particularly unique & adventurous posts here as I promised I would be doing – however, I’d also really appreciate it if you’d all contribute some of your posts so far (and things you’ve seen others post) that are particularly inspiring because I know I’m going to miss a lot! (How I wish I could just feature everything.)

Without further ado:

My friends are all very lovely people. So when I sent them all lovely texts telling them what I loved most about them and why they should love themselves I got quite a few back telling me how awesome I am. And being the narcisstic person that I am (it comes with the whole blogging thing :P) I thought I would share them with you. Especially since today’s challenge on the Self-Esteem Awareness Month calender is: ‘Complimenting others is easy, complimenting yourself is the tricky thing (that is, until you’ve had some practice!) Lets play a little game to make it easier: make up a silly rule (like “every time I pass a mirror today I have to think one good thing about my body” or “every hour I have to think about one thing I love about myself”) and stick to it for the whole day.

‘Your text made me smile so much. You are a beautiful blonde and yet so much more. Bloody smart and generous and I love you.’

‘Well on those same lines you are beautiful, sexy, smart, funny, cute and very entertaining. Oh, and did I mention how sexy you are?’

‘Thanks chica :-) that makes you beautiful and intelligent and lovely too as we are sisters!’ (Not from my actual sister, from the girl at work who is always mistaken for my sister/twin/other relation just because we’re both gorgeous and blonde! :P)

‘Thank you! You are beautiful and intelligent and funny and generous and always light up mine and everyone’s day!’

And my favourite one of all from Helen:

‘I’m glad you’re my friend because you are so open to doing new things and you encourage me to do them too! You make me a better person and I’m really looking forward to next year’

which actually makes me so happy because that’s the kind of person that I want to be. J once told me that he never thought that he was capable of anything bigger than he already did or was, but that being with me made him realise all the possibilities and opportunities that are out there. Now I’m just bragging, and to be fair he did used to exaggerate a lot, but that meant so much more to me than every time he told me I was beautiful or gorgeous or sexy.

This post got me really excited because a) the text message thing is not something I had even thought of, but it’s such an awesome idea and b) the compliments she received back were lovely and show how setting out to make others feel better about themselves can end up being quite the self-esteem boost for you. So, thanks Amy for taking part!

  • Elizabeth at Diary of a Fat Teenager did an awesome Day Two picture post including a picture of her in a cupcake dress that I am so envious of!
  • The responses to Day One over at Big Fat Deal have been pretty awesome to read!
  • Finally, Bitch Magazine did a special Self Esteem Awareness Month edition of BitchTapes which has me freaking out because I love Bitch & they noticed this blog! (Okay, that was a totally selfish plug but, whatever, I’m that excited!) This could be a great thing to listen to while blogging :)

Okay, now your turn!

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