August 11th – Goal Time!

August 11th – Now that you have a more positive mindset & some good, reliable knowledge under your belt its time to set some goals. Think about the ways in which you can take concrete steps to feel better about your body and write them down as achievable goals. For instance, maybe you want to be able to run a mile without feeling winded or cut down on junk-food so that your body can function at a better level. Pick one goal and write it down, along with some steps you can make to achieve those goals. Plan it as specifically or as vaguely as you want, there’s just one catch: your goals have to be based on function, not appearance because the point is feeling better about our bodies without making judgments about how they look!

My goals:

  1. nail bitingIncorporate one form of exercise into my life every day, at a minimum. (I plan to feel free to substitute fifty or so crunches or some vigorous wii Hula-Hooping when other exercise is not doable, but fun things like kayaking, going for a walk, ultimate frisbee, Zumba, and so on are what I’m aiming for!)
  2. Avoid eating in a disordered manner – try not to hide foods or eat as a response to emotion/boredom.
  3. Avoid pulling at skin around finger-nails when anxious. (I bought some fun purple nail polish and a nail-art pen as a reward if I pull this one off for two weeks!)
  4. Take better care of my very cavity-prone teeth.

Your turn!

4 thoughts on “August 11th – Goal Time!

  1. Hi,
    I must confess that the whole idea of a goal is something very complicated for me. I know its just a word, but, at least in my case, has a very strong meaning. I also know that the idea is not to start a battle with our bodies using a strategy or a goal to do so.
    But it’s what I can understand, but it’s not how I feel.
    So when I’ve read it here I felt really unconfortable.
    For me the word goal relates to body changes, diets, exercises and all that jazz.
    I’m very hard on myself, very critical and I always have some kind of very difficult goal to achieve everyday. I’m a perfeccionist and I’m trying to manage it better,and as a perfeccionist you can image how much I demand on myself.
    So what I’m trying to do now is to choose what’s really important to me, what I really love and start from there, taking the focus a little from my body, looking for what makes me feel good about myself in general: a hobbie, studying, reading a book, riding a bike, etc… most of all, right now for me it’s time to find pleasure in life.

    I know the word goal is something that can have other meanings as well, but right now it seems something hard and one more obligation that I should have.
    I don’t know if it’s just me that feels like that towards the word, but I think is important to share my experience. For some people it may be a inocent and light word, but because of a series of events and experiences it has become almost a forbidden word for me. Since we’re doing a life search on how we feel about our bodies it’s interesting how I reacted to this post! Maybe my goal is to understand why I feel so bad because of this word! So far, the month has been quite an amazing experience! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing your feelings about my word choices! I’m really sorry that the word goal upsets you and I totally understand, it can be a very distressing word due to its ties with industries that feed off of low self-esteem. However, I think setting positive goals (or aims or tasks if you so desire) that focus on feeling and function, rather than appearance and weight, can be a really good way to reclaim the concept of goal setting and self improvement :) Feel free to skip this one/substitute words/ whatever you need to feel comfortable with the month!

    – J

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