August 12th – Arts & Crafts Day!

August 12th – Document your new body-positive mindset through art – write a poem, make a collage, body-map, paint, draw, doodle, write a song… I don’t care what you do so long as you do it!

I’m super excited about everyone’s responses to this one!

I’m still working on mine, today as kinda jam-packed with boring non-blogging tasks that needed to get done (like round two of cavity-filling), but I made a sketch of the collage that I plan to make so that I can show you all something :)

blogcllage It’s not a very good picture, sorry about that! This idea has been in my head for awhile now – since the protest of the Bikini Competition that I keep mentioning on here. During the protest we were talking about how,sometimes, at beauty pageants the women’s measurements are called out as they walk down the “runway.”

We talked about subverting this idea by making images with a bunch of numbers – age, GPA, weight, phone number, whatever, that represent us to show how inconsequential that one number really is.

When this collage is done it will visually represent me in both numbers & images that show my interests, personality, and so on as well as my weight :)

One day I plan to get a bunch of different people to make their own & put them together to make one big collage-collage! (If you’re interested in contributing, e-mail me at and I’ll keep you updated as to when I begin taking submissions – it should be sometime in the early fall!)

UPDATE – I FINISHED! (8/14/09)


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