August 17th & 18th

August 17th – Being healthy is important, so take some time today to improve your health through a commitment to movement. Spend some time evaluating your schedule today & thinking about the things you enjoy. Do you like to kayak? Dance? Play soccer? Ultimate Frisbee? Rock climb? Roller-blade? Run? Hula-hoop? How can you work some fun & pressure-free exercise into your daily life? Figure it out at then resolve to give it a shot –  you pick how often, what activities, and so on based on what feels good to you!

zumbaI went to a Zumba class with my friend Danielle a few weeks ago in preparation for this one… to see if Zumba was something I’d like to continue regularly, and it is! Zumba is this really cool dance-exercise class, set to modern music, with dance moves that are near impossible for me to do but still super fun :) The best part of the whole experience was definitely the fact that our instructor was wearing pants that had butt tassles on them that spun whenever she did one of the dance moves involving that part of her body (those were some of the moves I really couldn’t do, incidentally.)  The tassles-thing pretty much had me laughing through the whole class, and was great for boosting morale when I got tired. I won’t have the same instructor when I start it up at school, but still, I’m excited!

This summer I’ve also Kayaked as much as I could (which only amounts to twice, admittedly.) If I lived on a lake I would do this everyday though its so much fun!

As part of my effort to exercise a little (at least) every day I’ve found myself wii-hula-hooping and doing crunches a lot more because both are quick and easy so I can achieve my goal, but get on with my day.

Today, however, since I’m at the beach I rode waves in the ocean and rode a bike around town :) so much fun!

Your turn!

August 18th – Keeping with our physical health focus for a little while longer, learn how to cook something new today! Pick a recipe that is both health-conscious and delicious (not “diet food” but, rather, something that contains ingredients that give you vitamins & energy – I’ll be sure to get some recommendations together to get you started) and whip up a meal for yourself or for your family/friends as well!

[I’m @ the beach so I need a rain-check on this one, sorry!]

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