August 19th and 20th

bikeeAugust 19th – Go on an adventure! Call up some friends (or explore by yourself) and take off for a walking tour of a place that you’ve never been or haven’t really taken the time to notice before. There are really no limits on this one – the point is simply to have a good time & a good walk.

I was at the beach so I bent the rules on this one and took a nice bike ride around town :) Pictures weren’t so much on my mind but I managed to snap one as evidence! It was nice to just take off for a bit and focus on the scenery around me, it really got me out of my own head for a bit, which is hard to do! (As an added bit of “challenge” I don’t like this picture of me much but I’m posting it anyway. At least it shows how much fun I was having!)

August 20th – Think of one habit that you have (biting your nails, putting yourself down, procrastination, etc.) and spend a day actively trying to avoid engaging in that habit. Keep the focus on the action – why you don’t like the action, how to stop the action, how you feel abstaining from the action – rather than the results of that action. This is a good exercise because it helps to separate our actions from our selves which is an important tool for creating a mindset where living healthily is more important that appearing “healthy” (or thin, which is what most people associate with healthy.)

I’m still working on my nail-biting habit. I’ll admit I did a crappy job after making it my goal the other day – but for this one day I managed to hold off, which is a step!

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