August 23rd, 24th, and 25th

(All three of these just seemed to go together, so I posted them together!)

August 23rd – In the morning, choose a person that you know you will see that day and resolve to brighten their day in some way – big or small. Observe how doing this makes you feel about yourself. Repeat, if you have the time & desire.

August 24th – Try the Strange(rs) No More challenge that I started on this blog almost a year ago: Think of someone you don’t like; someone who makes you nervous, uncomfortable; someone who is just so different from you that there’s no way you’ll ever get along; someone who is weird; someone who challenges your beliefs; someone who bullied you; someone you’ve never met. Now, talk to them. Invite them for coffee. Go for a walk. Get to know them. This assignment is about knocking down walls, about wrapping our hearts around someone we never would have tried to meet normally. About confronting our prejudices head on with real, human interaction. It’s about giving ourselves over to love, for everyone, so that others might try the same.

So I’m being honest, I TOTALLY failed today in an epic fashion. It was just one of those crappy days – I woke up sunburned, sore, and with absolutely no momentum so I blew off blogging and snapped at people all day. It wasn’t until I got on here just a minute ago (five minutes past midnight, I might add) that I realized what today’s task was and how badly I really had messed it up. So tomorrow I’m going to do all three – I’m going to make amends with people I haven’t been getting along with and I’m going to go out of my way to improve the days of the people I snapped at yesterday, as well as everyone else, as a way of making amends and (belatedly) completing the task.

I really need to remember how much better I feel about life & myself when I’m being nice to people.

August 25th – Do your best to leave every person/situation you encounter today just a little bit better than they/it was when you arrived!

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