Self Esteem Awareness Month: The End

So this is much  more belated than I would have hoped but, congrats everyone, Self-Esteem Awareness Month is over! My hard-drive crashed a little over a week ago which is why I stopped posting every day, but I have a new one now so posting here should resume as my class schedule will allow. I honestly don’t have much to say right now, this has been a month of ups and downs and unfortunatley, the whole project sort of overwhelmed me towards the end. I will say I have seen progress in myself, however, as yesterday I threw on a skirt that I haven’t worn in two summers because I felt it was too short and didn’t look good on my “fat legs.”

But I wore it yesterday, and I felt good in it. That’s progress.

I hope this little experiment has been helpful to other people as well, even though it got derailed in its last week or so.

Thanks for participating!

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