“How Women’s Butts Age” and Other Google Searches That Lead Here

I’ve seen many bloggers make posts like this every once and awhile &  I decided it would be fun!

So, without further adieu, I present to you: random google searches that lead people here, 2009 edition!

Zumba 2010 going to try me too, random two googlers, me too.

Real women have curves or not! I love the post that this search leads to, it’s one of my favorite things I’ve written.

sarah weddington is really awesome and a fantastic public speaker. I’m so glad I was lucky enough to listen to her speak and report back here.

what curvy women should wearwhatever they want! As I’ve said, I’m not a big fan of the idea that we have to wear cloths that best “flatter” (see: minimize) our bodies. Wear whatever the hell you want, so long as you feel awesome who cares!?

perfect body proportions men don’t exist. There is no one perfect body type for women or men, beauty comes in all shapes & sizes.

no means no yup. Plus, silence =/= consent.

cupcakes are yummy & fun! This may be my favorite search that leads here.

how women’s butts age; naturally, I’d hope. This one made me giggle, I have to admit… I have the sophisticated sense of humor of a five year old. I wonder… where did this search lead them on my blog?!

watch self pee is another favorite search of mine; made possible thanks to this gem of a post (that is now a part of the play I am producing!)

women who don’t shave are sometimes feminists and sometimes they are not… either way, they have every right to embrace their hair! As it is, I land under the “woman who sometimes shaves because she is sick of wasting time in an internal tug-of-war between wanting to say “f-you” to the patriarchal beauty standards and a personal desire for smooth legs in an attempt to make a conclusive yes or no decision about shaving” category. As in, screw it all… I shave when I feel like it seems to be the right method for this feminist!

I think that’s enough for now! Enjoy your day.

One thought on ““How Women’s Butts Age” and Other Google Searches That Lead Here

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