Something Old…

I’m posting something from the drafts today because I’m having serious writer’s block. I found this completely written & unposted… the last time I looked at this was almost a year ago on March 7th, 2009!


I used to comfort myself with the idea that, one day, someone would fall in love with me in spite of my imperfections and see the beauty in me… and then they could help me see the beauty in me.

I’m not going to lie, that happened, but looking back I wonder why I felt that I needed someone else to love me before I could really love myself. The truth is, I didn’t and neither do you!

Just for today, why don’t YOU try to be the “someone else out there” who finds you beautiful…

Its time for us all to stop worrying about our imperfections. I want to share this image that I was introduced to via Sociological Imagesgender-imperfect-by-leonie_martine_janssen_023As cheesy as it sounds, its time for us to stop worrying about being imperfect, no one is perfect. The truth is, its our imperfections are what make us interesting, unique, and loveable… your imperfections are ab important part of you, so stop beating yourself up over them! Its time to stop reaching for this constantly changing, always fleeting idea of perfection and accept the thing that you are perfect at… being you!

I’mPerfectly Me…

Now its your turn, I want to try again something I suggested awhile ago. Sit down (or stand up, whatever you prefer) and think up five things you love about yourself. You don’t have to write them, you can just think them, but keep going until you get to five no matter how hard. Now, once that’s done, think of five things you feel make you imperfect… think about what you would be like without those things, think really hard and find reasons, real concrete reasons, to love the parts about yourself that you find imperfect.

For instance, I talk a lot (some may say too much) but I love that part of me because it has helped me to make many friends, I’m very uneven (my left side is bigger than the right) but I wouldn’t change that if I could, it makes me unique and gives me a way to relate to people since everyone is a little uneven*. Also, I am incredibly emotional but if it weren’t for that I wouldn’t be so understanding of other people and I definitely wouldn’t have the ability for empathy that I do. I worry a lot but that’s okay too, it means I am always prepared and it often shows people how much I care about them. Finally, my body is not super-model shaped… I’m not even small enough to be considered thin but that’s okay because my weight is a part of me and it allows me to wear the clothes that I do

Learn to love yourself the way you love others; freely, unconditionally, flaws and all… its amazing how much better life can be when you’re not wasting time feeling bad about yourself!

* Did you know that people’s left sides are usually larger than the right, due to the fact that the heart is on the left side, and thus it gets more blood-flow?

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