I’m More Than My Vagina, Bill.

Watch the video here first, then read my post!

Look Bill, I’ve avoided calling you (and Rush, and Glenn Beck, and all of your conservative friends) out on this for awhile. But enough is enough. Let me say this nice and slowly for you, so we can move on:

The fact that Palin and I both have vaginas does not mean that I have to agree with her.
It does not mean that I have to defend her, when I feel she is wrong.
It does not mean that I have to like her.
It does not mean that I have to vote for her.

It does not mean ANYTHING except that we both have vaginas, same as over half of the population. It’s really not that rare… certainly not to the point where every vagina-having-person should have to stick together in some sick sorority. I mean, honestly, how would that even work? I can’t agree with both Palin and Clinton at the same time and yet… we all have vaginas so… I have to agree with them both? For that matter, every time Palin took a shot at Clinton, was she somehow betraying the covenant of the vagina? Or does she have immunity because she’s on your side Bill?

Let’s just move on.

Personally, I’m a little more concerned with what a politician has going on in her or his head, than I am with what’s in their pants. Maybe you should be too.

Let’s recap what set this tirade off: Super-awesome feminist playwright Eve Ensler made a comment about Sarah Palin in an interview; this comment pointed out the absurdity of the fact that someone who doesn’t believe in global warming, a proven scientific fact, was almost our Vice President. She uses this point to question Palin’s intelligence.

What we have here is one women disagreeing with another women’s take on an issue that is much less about opinion than it is about facts. That woman insinuates that the other woman may not be smart enough to run our fucking country on the basis that she feels it is acceptable to abstain from believing in proven scientific information.

Let’s revise this for a second: One person disagrees with another person about something that is pretty hard to argue; the first person questions the second person’s intelligence on the basis of their ridiculous science-ignoring beliefs.

This seems reasonable… unless you’re seeing things though vagino-vision like you seem to Bill. I mean really how dare one vagina question another! Honestly, the more you talk the more you seem to only be making one point: all women are to you are vaginas. I mean, people are capable of having differing opinions (something you allow men to do all the time) but not vaginas. Nope, we vaginas have got to stick together.

You, on the other hand, with your big manly brain, get to make attacks on people’s intelligence. In fact, let’s start with Eve Ensler:

“I am smarter than Eve Ensler […] put her in here and I will pound her into pudding with intellectual arguments. Okay? She couldn’t stand up and Eve Ensler knows it. […] But I’m not going to run down her intelligence…”

Except you just did.

Let’s take this real slow: Ensler questions Palin’s intelligence and that’s horrible. Bill insults Ensler’s intelligence and that’s a-okay.

If you were a woman, Bill, would that make what you said off limits? By your logic, I suppose it would.

To recap: My vagina does not require me to defend Sarah Palin, or any other woman. I judge people based on their INTELLIGENCE regardless of sex. Not making arguments against a woman I disagree with, just because she’s a woman, is not doing her any favors; in fact, doing this would be patriarchal since I’d be basing my actions on a judgment of this person as a vagina first, person second. As a feminist, that’s just not fucking okay with me.

But anyways, I ought to let you have the last word here Bill-O

“I’m very low IQ and I’m proud of it.”
(It’s in the video, I swear!)
That sounds about right.

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