Quick Quote :)

“The important lesson from size acceptance — arguably the MOST important lesson — is that you should not feel compelled toward self-loathing over these things. Maybe you just hate exercise. That’s not a reason to hate yourself. Maybe your doctor tells you you’re prediabetic. Again, not a reason to hate yourself. Body acceptance is about ACCEPTANCE, and the idea that anything you do with your body in your life should come from a place of self-care and self-love, not from guilt and judgment and punishment.”

via Hey Fat Chick, via Fatshionista

(Just a note: This seems to be one of those years – I start blog posts, and then leave them half-finished… too afraid that I’m leaving out the words because I’m just not trying hard enough to find them. That, and activism takes up so much of my time! I really do love blogging, though, and I try to keep up on it. I hope all of my readers haven’t given up on me yet.)

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