Shhhh… Its the Day of Silence :)

Last year I stayed silent for the whole day*, marking the longest time I had ever spent conscious without making a noise (seriously.) This year I plan to up the ante by doing a ten minute class presentation without saying a word (thanks to one incredibly amazing and supportive professor’s encouragement of my crazy schemes & some seriously lucky timing.)

How do you plan to spend your Day of Silence?

*Can I just say, it is so weird (in a good way) to be able to go back and read my reflections on this same event from last year. This blog has been amazing for me for many reasons, among them is the ability to watch myself grow as a feminist, an activist, and a person. I don’t even remember so much writing these words… but reading them was so inspiring. I had so much more passion and energy then, I was so much more ready to DO SOMETHING… where did that go? I hope I can get it back. I wonder what this year’s reflection will look like to me next year…

One thought on “Shhhh… Its the Day of Silence :)

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