Who’s Going to Save Shiloh!?

This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen and, thus, I have to deconstruct it via an open letter to the author (calling her out publicly in the same way she decided to call three-year-old Shiloh out.)

Jennifer Murray:

I have a few comments to make about your recent piece for Hollywood Life…

Shiloh, you were the prettiest little girl I had ever seen … then all of a sudden you were a tough, tousled tomboy!

Next thing I hear, you want a military-themed fourth birthday party! Fine, boys will be boys, but really? Shiloh you’re a little girl, so why do you really want to wear army pants with gun holsters? You don’t have to wear pink everyday and play with Barbies but c’mon — do you really want to be a prince … or a frog, for that matter! I am just waiting for someone to give you a big kiss and break the horrible tomboy spell.

First off, I’d just like to point out: you are addressing this article to a three year old child, a child who likely could not even read your missive all the way through… and thank god for that because if she could, I can only imagine how badly your words would hurt this defensless three year old child who never f*cking asked to be shoved into the public eye and criticized by COMPLETE STRANGERS. Am I the only one who sees how horribly messed up this is?

And furthermore, who even decides this shit? Why is pink for girls and blue for boys (it hasn’t always been that way!) why can’t a little girl want a military-themed party or short hair? Why can’t a little boy wear a skirt or have long hair? Who the hell made these arbitrary decisions that limit us all… and why are you choosing to enforce them?

Luckily this letter isn’t really for Shiloh, no its not even for Angelina – if it was just for them, you wouldn’t have published it. This piece exists in a public forum to call out all of us “tomboys,” all of us gender-non-conforming women who don’t fit your pretty pretty princess vision of what a woman should be.

Check out the photos above: You were such an angelic infant, and resembled a itty-bitty Taylor Momsen, but now you’re slouching towards Zach Galifianakas. Save yourself!

Because we all know that the second the clock strikes midnight on the eve of a pretty pretty princess’ fourth birthday she is doomed to a life of  misery, unless of course she breaks the spell by swathing herself in pink? I mean, the most important life choices are made when you’re three, right? No? Oh… so then what exactly is Shiloh saving herself from? The only bad thing to come out of her style choices are some catty articles written by pathetic reporters for tabloids and gossip magazines… and that trauma is not her fault at all, the blame lies firmly in the hands of the writers and editors that choose to get their ratings by bullying a three year old for her wardrobe and haircut.

The brilliant thing about being a full human being with unique likes, dislikes, thoughts, and free will is the ability to change your mind whenever the hell you want. Maybe Shiloh loves camo and short hair now but who knows, next week she may go through a unicorn phase. I mean, she’s not even four, she has almost a whole lifetime full of choices ahead of her… sure she may regret some of those choices later on, but who’s to say this will be one of them? If she chooses to remain a “tomboy” for life… even if she grows up to look just like Zach Galifianakas that will be her OWN CHOICE that she is free to make. It’s sick enough when you criticize the choices of fully grown celebrities, but a three year old child? That’s just downright disgusting… you’re the one who needs saving, not Shiloh.

Could it be that mom Angie is jealous of her own child? I realize that children can be difficult to dress (just ask my mother) but if you were Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and you made a stunningly beautiful child — would you allow her to look so schlumpy? What is going to happen to the twins?

The bowl boy hair cut is NOT helping… It’s not like she even has a cute pixie ‘do like Carey Mulligan, Ellen DeGeneres, Michelle Williams or even Hayden Panettiere. If little Shiloh wants a short ‘do she can have a short one but it needs some help!

And here is where you truly dove off the deep end,  playing into the age-old meme that women cannot be happy for other women; if we are not the prettiest one in the room we must plot and sabotage to take the competition down. Articles like this, that perpetuate myths like this are part of the system that keeps women down. (Not to mention, you’re totally ripping off the plot of Snow White!)

Angelina is being a good mother and letting her little girl explore and feel independent by dressing in clothes that she likes… either that or she is so threatened by her three year old daughter that she is forcing her into less feminine clothes and giving her a haircut that this author doesn’t like, all to stop… what, exactly, from happening? What bad would come to Angelina if the author of these piece found her daughter pretty…. nothing. So… how does this accusation make sense?

I strongly suggest that you, Jennifer Murray, and all of the other “journalists” who have made some cash by tearing down an innocent three year old girl and her mother reflect on your choices and “save yourself” before its too late and everyone just sees you as a shallow jerk.

(Credit goes to Jezebel for pointing me to this awful article!)

ETA: Look: now we have the media gender policing a male child for being “too feminine“. Apparently, no one can win.

One thought on “Who’s Going to Save Shiloh!?

  1. Well said. The amount of gender policing this poor child is subjected to is beyond ridiculous.

    Your point about what might happen if Shiloh could or did read these articles is a good one. I think people have a tendency to imagine celebrities more as symbols than as human beings, and given her famous parents, are inclined to do the same to Shiloh – forgetting that she’s a person, and a child at that.

    It’s also interesting to compare media commentary on Shiloh to that on Suri Cruise, who is conversely being criticised for being being overly “femme”.

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