The True Face of “Pro-Life”

People who fight to make abortion illegal again are anti-choice, plain and simple. From this day on I refuse to pander to this group by calling them pro-life or even anti-abortion; not because I want to piss them off, no, because I want to be accurate.

Pro-life doesn’t work because, really, who isn’t pro-life? I’m pro-life: I believe that all living people deserve the freedom to go on living… most (if not all, I’m pretty sure all) people feel this way – except for those who are anti-choice. People who will hide behind the excuse that the “ends never justify the means” while they deny a woman her bodily autonomy, and many times end up killing both the woman and the fetus in the process of “fighting for life.” Even if you believe a bundle of cells with no brain activity is alive (funny how when born people are brain dead, we consider them dead… but a fetus without a brain is very much a full and sentient human being) how can you believe that two deaths are better than one? How can you call yourself pro-life and deny women life-saving procedures?

I also refuse to call these people anti-abortion. I know people who are against abortion personally and are still pro-choice. People who recognize that their own personal morality and religious code of ethics do not have to be pushed onto everyone around them through the law. These people recognize that every woman has different goals, life circumstances, support systems, and so on… some women might be perfectly happy to have an unplanned pregnancy and raise the child, or put her/him up for adoption, other women would be completely destroyed by going through a pregnancy. Some woman have wanted pregnancies that end in abortion for a variety of reasons. Everyone woman’s pregnancy is different because we are all unique and different people. Living in a world where abortion is not an option for anyone only works if you think of women merely as fetus-incubators; the second we become real and varied people choices become necessary.

People who truly value life are pro-choice because they recognize the value in each unique life, and would never try to pass a law that ruins countless women’s lives by forcing them to carry unwanted pregnancies against their will… pregnancies that can cause depression, irreversible health issues, even death all to preserve the autonomy of a life that does not even exist yet.

If you are in favor of making abortion, once again, illegal then you are not pro-life, you are not anti-abortion… if you fight to restrict women’s options then you are anti-choice, plain and simple. Call me what you want, but I refuse to call you anything else.

ETA: Apparently I wrote nearly this exact post in January… and promptly forgot about it. What’s worse? I may like the January version of this better. Oh well, I never promised not to be repetitive!

4 thoughts on “The True Face of “Pro-Life”

  1. Fail. Why not talk about a large variety of people as a monolith some more? Next try Catholics, Feminists, then MRAs.

    Also, everyone is not Pro-life, plenty of people are pro-war, pro-self defence, pro-death penalty and pro-abortion.

    “if you fight to restrict women’s options then you are anti-choice, plain and simple. Call me what you want, but I refuse to call you anything else.”

    Cool. Your choice, doesn’t make any of your justifications any more reasonable though.

  2. Normally I’d agree with you, however, by judging a movement who’s main goal is to make abortion illegal again for that goal is not characterizing a whole group of people as a monolith. I am aware that people come to the pro-life movement for a variety of different reasons, I do not for any reason think that they are monolithic… however, they do have that goal in common (because that is what the pro-life movement stands for) and I don’t think it is wrong to criticize them based upon that goal.

    Your second point is a valid one, but does not do anything to the point of my argument: people who fight to prohibit abortion are more accurately called anti-choice, because their goal is to eliminate an option for pregnant women. Most people think life is a good thing generally, and by calling your movement pro-life what you do is imply that the pro-choice movement is ANTI-life. This is an intentional tactical decision that I think is bullshit, because most people I know (both pro and anti choice) have similar respect for life. As for those who are pro-war, or pro-death penalty, etc. they exist on both sides of the movement.

    All I am saying is this: the moniker pro-life is misleading and buries the movement’s true goal, to eliminate an option for pregnant women. This is why I find anti-choice a more accurate moniker. I considered offering anti-abortion as another, but there are plenty of people who don’t like the idea of abortion, but still support other women and their right to choose the option that works for them… these women are pro-choice, even though they personally do not like the idea of abortion. Thus, it is possible to be anti-abortion and still pro-choice… only people who oppose allowing that option to exist entirely, thus removing an option for women, call themselves pro-life which is how I arrived at the conclusion that these people are actually anti-choice.

  3. This article illustrates the other reason why I am reluctant to refer to the movement as “pro-life”:

    When was the last time we heard about pro-choice activists bombing a crisis pregnancy center, threatening women entering clinics and the doctors who care for them, etc.? Had I used this as my main argument, you’d be right about judging a group as a monolith: the majority of the anti-choice movement has not committed violence, this is true. However, the rhetoric that many use (like calling Dr. Tiller “Tiller the Killer”) is irresponsible and inherently anti-life because it promotes violence against those who disagree with them.

    I have no issue with people who morally oppose abortion – I only take issue with the people who try to impose their morality on other people’s lives and bodies, especially those who do so through violence and intimidation.

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