Sunday Five

Apologies in advance: I’m moving back to school tomorrow for a month of summer classes, so life is a bit chaotic right now. Still, I wanted to post something! What follows is the most scattered Sunday Five to date… still, the links are all awesome so it’s not that bad!

– J

Missed these? I did! So now, they’re back for the time being. This week’s theme was going to be tumblr because I have been finding so many awesome feminist articles, pictures, videos, and conversations on tumblr (if I didn’t already have a blog and a formspring I would have probably made a tumblr by now) but it was way too hard to single out specific tumbrs and posts, so instead you get a random five links culled from the mile-long list of bookmarks I am struggling to clean out.

1) The first one is a bit of a cheap shameless plug… sorry! It’s not about tumblr either but, rather,  formspring. As mentioned above, in a moment of weakness I decided to make Imagine Today a formspring, where people can ask questions about the blog, feminism, whatever… Lesley of Fatshionista integrates hers into the blog very well. I made it a few weeks ago and then promptly left it to rot, question-less and alone… help me change that! I am interested to see what might come out of this, so get asking whatever you want to ask me!

2) Back to the topic of tumblr, here’s a list of awesome feminist tumblrs compiled by the tumblr Lipstick Feminists.

3) Moving on, here’s a quote I found on several of the aforementioned tumblrs [I don’t remember which though, because I am horrible at retaining sources.] Still, the following quote is fantastic, in fact the whole article is!

It’s wonderful to get a compliment, but you shouldn’t be dependent on compliments to build your self-respect. Because when your self-respect is constructed entirely of recycled positive comments, a single fresh negative one is often enough to poison the batch. And then you’re left with nothing. But your understanding of your beauty should be much deeper than that. If you wash all of the comments away, there should be something underneath.

4) Another cool quote, found here:

5) You tell me! I think this post got me over my tumblr obsession; I’m getting sick of writing the word tumblr. Please feel free to include any suggestions for further feminist/equality-minded readings in the comments or e-mail them to… I’d love to see what you’re reading!

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