Apparently summer time is project time around here; last summer lead to an (overly) ambitious Self Esteem Awareness Month where I attempted to blog every day through out August. This summer I am itching to take one a project again, but I have learned/decided a few things since last year: (1) I’m a bit tired of focusing on my body and my self, (2) one month of straight blogging/doing is too exhausting and burn-out is inevitable, (3) its time to stop just talking and start doing.

With all of this in mind, I have an idea:

For the next year I want to do a project and/or donate money to an awesome cause at least once a month. (I’ll try to do at least one project  and/or donate AT LEAST $50, though my goal will be to hit $100, each month. This amount will fluctuate based on how many hours I manage to work that month.) Although donating money is an option, I will aim to physically do at least one project myself each month.

In order to do this, I am asking for your help! Each month I will post a theme within the first week, and my ideas for what I can do. In the comments of that blog post I hope you will all give me more suggestions! I’m very excited to take some requests.

In addition to making suggestions as to what I can do, I am hoping that you as my readers will pledge to participate and join me by doing your own related project/donating money to a cause of your choosing. This way we can all get motivation, ideas, and help to make a real difference in our world!

I’ll recap each month here; the world will be a slightly better place because we made a concentrated effort to change it & you’ll get some publicity for your awesome projects & blogs out of the deal :) Sound good?

For June I want to focus on the environment!

I made this decision partially because June 5th 2010 (as in, TOMORROW) is World Environment Day. Mostly, though, I choose this because of what’s happening on The Gulf Coast.

I have avoided reading, talking, or thinking about the oil spill pretty steadily for the last month or so, which is strange for me; I can read and write about pretty much anything without issue when I know my words might make a difference and yet, for whatever reason, every time I have found myself confronted with a news story or conversation about this situation I’ve simply shut down and gotten away as quickly as possible. I even had to excuse myself from work today to cry because I accidentally clicked this link and looked at pictures, like the one below the cut, without adequately preparing myself mentally.

I think this disaster is especially painful because there is very little the average citizen can do. Blogging about it isn’t going to fix anything (whereas with stuff like Sexual Assault, blogging can raise awareness and help change cultural paradigms) and because the spill is far from me, there is nothing I can physically do. Donating money to relief crews works, sure, but that can only go so far and I always feel somewhat pathetic just throwing money at a problem.

That’s why Ive decided that environmentalism will be the first theme for my new monthly Do Something blog!

I honestly wish I had the time to take a road-trip down to the area, get trained, and volunteer to help… but I have a job and class to attend so that isn’t happening. Here are some things I am considering doing:

Adopting a bird through the International Bird Rescue Research Center because it was a photo of a pelican that finally broke through my news-avoidance and forced me to face this situation head on. I choose this organization because they respond directly to the spills, so I know the money I give them will be put to use actually helping animals (rather than being funneled into marketing, etc.) Time: 10 Minutes Cost: $25-$200

Making a concentrated long term effort to reduce my dependence on oil by using reusable shopping bags, using my car less and walking more, avoiding nylon, etc. Time: Varies Cost: $0 (This is actually a money saver!)

Checking this facebook group regularly for more ideas!

Now, its up to you:

Do you have any ideas for more things I can do to help? (With this spill, but also with the environment in general.)

What are YOU going to do this month?

Comment below!

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