Google Searches That Lead Here: Part 2

After three ridiculously long and serious blog posts I think it’s time for me to write something fun :) So, here comes the second installment of random google searches that lead people here. [First installment can be found here.] I’m disappointed, there weren’t as many strange ones this time around.

how to date a feminist: treat her or him the same way you (should/would) any other human being, with respect. We’re not some other species, you know, we’re just people who believe in equality. Even if you know nothing about feminism, dating a feminist can be an awesome experience because she or he can teach you so much (provided you are willing to listen.) This is the post that goes with this search!

curvy girls in skinny jeans are awesome! So are curvy girls in bootlegged jeans, or sweatpants, or mini skirts;  so are skinny girls in skinny jeans, or mini skirts, or bootlegged pants, or whatever; so are fat girls in skinny jeans and sweatpants, and mini skirts and… you get the point, I like it when people express their style! :) This search reminded me to find and reread this awesome post from Definatalie.

deserves rape: No one. Ever. As another search from the same day points out, rape is a crime.

yummy looking womwns butts I’m not going to provide any yummy butt pictures… I just wanted to leave this here  to go with last time’s “how women’s butts age.” Why do so many butt searches seem to lead people here? Do I really talk about butts that much?

why do we have a beauty ideal? To make money for companies that sell diet plans, diet pills, clothing, makeup, hair care products, perfumes, plastic surgeons, etc. Plus, it’s a handy way of keeping people, women in particular, focused on something superficial so that they’re too distracted to threaten the current power structure… and even if they do we can just call them ugly and be done with it, thanks to the ideal.  I know all of this and yet,  I still get sucked into it.

feminism funny… Gladly! Here’s a video by my favorite feminist comedian :)

I’m going to end this here now so we can all go watch some more Target: Women! A real post is coming soon, either tomorrow or Saturday.

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