All You Need is Love

Today’s post will be short since I am in the midst of celebrating! (Yesterday was my 20th birthday, and today is my fourth anniversary with my boyfriend. Not to mention, the Prop 8 decision has given us all reason to celebrate!) In honor of all this, today’s post is about love!


This is a good week for love. Yesterday marked a major victory for equal marriage, as Judge Vaughn Walker overturned Prop 8 in California! Jezebel has offered up a really comprehensive piece on how this decision was won, and yesterday’s ruling means moving forward.

“Animus towards gays and lesbians or simply a belief that a relationship between a man and a woman is inherently better than a relationship between two men or two women…is not a proper basis on which to legislate” Also, “rather than being different, same-sex and opposite-sex unions are, for all purposes relevant to California law, exactly the same.”

– Quotes from Judge Vaughn Walker’s Decision

In no way is this the end, but it is a brilliant step towards marriage equality.


Moving on,  I also want to talk to another kind of love that inspires me: the love we show ourselves. Specifically, the inspiring love that the Indian women responsible for Blank Noise display as they bravely fight for their right to simply live their lives in public spaces without being harassed.

I stumbled upon this website yesterday, via Jezebel, and I was honestly blown away.

“Blank Noise is a public and participatory arts project begun in August 2003 with a small group of 9 participants. Conceived as a personal reaction to street sexual harassment, the project has grown through workshops and local volunteers to a five-city, hundred-plus volunteer project that seeks to address street sexual violence through dialogue made possible as a result of sustained public interventions.”

– From the Blank Noise Website

Some of my favorite pieces of art/demonstrations featured on their blog:

A Step by Step Guide to Unapologetic Walking

Street Signs

This interactive “What is Eve Teasing” poster literally took my breath away for a second. There is something really moving about seeing so many thumbprints (such a personal mark) coming together to have a visual “conversation” about something as serious and hurtful as harassment. This poster sends the message  you are not alone as well as something must be done in such a simple, striking way.

Their Clothing Collection Drive events are also awesome!

“Bring a garment you wore when you experienced street sexual harassment. Come wearing what you’ve always wanted to wear but did not wear before. No woman of any colour, dress , age, character deserves to be sexually violated or what some might lightly call ‘eve teased I NEVER ASK FOR IT.”


Finally, I can’t forget that this is the first week of the new and improved Self-Esteem Awareness Month! It’s just me participating right now, as far as I know, but that’s fine. Last year’s month was huge and very hard to keep up with… I’m liking the more relaxed pacing this time around.

Around this time last year I made a list of all the things that I love about myself. That’s a great self-esteem boost, but this year I’ve decided to go in a different direction and reflect on all of the things that inspire me to write, and learn, and plan events, and have conversations, and just get out of bed in the mornings.

The list got incredibly long and personal, so I’m not going to post it here, but if you have a bit of free time during your day I’d recommend making your own list and tucking it away somewhere for when you’re needing inspiration.

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