The REAL Rules for Girls

The twitter trending topic #rulesforgirls is, for the most part, really awful. [See this Jezebel article for reference.] So let’s change that, I’ll start!

Here are some of my real rules for girls, boys, everyone really…

# Ignore the people who tell you that you HAVE to learn how to walk in heels, or shave, or wear skirts, or whatever… develop your own personal style and present yourself in whatever way makes YOU happy. You are the only person who will have to walk in your shoes, so you may as well be wearing a pair that makes you smile!

# Don’t ever sell yourself short (this includes “playing dumb”) you have a unique set of aptitudes and abilities, use them to contribute to the world around you as much as you can. If people can’t accept your talents and interests then they weren’t worth your time in the first place.

# Value your body by doing the work necessary to love your body for all that it does for you, exactly as it is. A positive, loving attitude makes it much easier to adopt habits that are physically good for your body AND your mind but that attitude takes WORK to cultivate in a culture that is constantly out to make money by creating and preying on our insecurities.

# Value your sexuality by taking the time to seek out resources and mentors that can help you determine what makes YOU happy and what your comfort levels are. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel inferior for the ways in which you express your sexuality, whatever they are.

# There will always be judgmental people who choose to put you down. You are stronger than them. You have the power to show them all by loving yourself in spite of their judgment… I’m not saying its easy, bullies are very talented at creating self-doubt and self-loathing, but you CAN rise above them and show them all how wrong they are. Even if it seems hopeless now, just keep trying because one day it will click. (I say this as a girl who HATED herself during Jr. High School because of the constant barrage of bullying.)

# If any person ever tries to pull a line like this (“if u deliberately give me an erection, plz get rid of it without complaining, its your fault! >:|”) on you remember you have the RIGHT to walk away from any situation, especially sexual ones, if you feel uncomfortable at ANY point. You don’t owe anyone sex. Period. If they choose to pressure you or trick you or intimidate you or force you in any way to do something you don’t want to do then THEY are in the wrong, not you, never you.

What would you add? Tweet it or tell me in the comments!

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