Dear Planned Parenthood,

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So  you probably already heard that late Friday afternoon, the House of Representatives voted to cut all funding from Planned Parenthood. On a practical level, this isn’t so very terrifying because we can feel relatively safe in the fact the Senate will most likely shoot this bill down and, even if they don’t, Obama will most likely veto it before damage can really be done.

Still, it is times like these that drive home how crucial it is that we speak up for Reproductive Justice.

Reproductive health access and rights in the United States are far from perfect, but we’re doing much better right now than ever before. Abortion is legal (for now) and most states have at least one provider, if not more.

Even though the Hyde Amendment ensures that no federal funding can go to abortion (which also means that many insurance providers won’t cover it and many lower-income women cannot afford to pay for an abortion or the travel costs when there is only one clinic in their state), we have it much better than women who lived before Roe v. Wade. Because of this, it can be pretty easy to get complacent.

If we stop using our voices to fight for more funding for reproductive health-care (including abortions), if we stop reminding people of the awesome services that Planned Parenthood offers (HIV and other STI testing, gynecological exams, education programs, options counseling, birth control, abortion, cancer screening … the list goes on and on), if we stop pushing for more funding and more freedom and more acceptance … then, we’re in trouble because when we stop fighting, we start to lose ground.

Planned Parenthood is probably safe, for now, but if we don’t cry out as loud as we can this time, then the next time they come after our reproductive rights (and they will), the ground that we stand on will be just a little bit shakier … keep that up long enough and we could end up losing a lot of the hard-fought battles that currently rest behind us.

So take a few minutes and throw your voice in to help protect Planned Parenthood and reproductive rights in general for you and for the generations of women yet to come.

  • Officially stand with Planned Parenthood by signing the petition.
  • Post to Dear Planned Parenthood, the tumblr that my awesome friend Zaneta and I started for people to share their stories (anonymously or not) about Planned Parenthood to help paint a real, holistic picture of all the good that this wonderful organization does.
  • Blog or Tweet about Reproductive Justice, Planned Parenthood, etc.
  • Attend a Rally for Planned Parenthood (or organize one if there isn’t one near you!)
  • Donate to Planned Parenthood if you have any cash to spare!
  • Organize a Planned Parenthood Fundraiser in your community! (We’re in the midst of planning one at Ramapo – once we’ve made more progress I can share some ideas here!)

Have any more ideas? What have you done? Share your projects in the comments!

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