WAM! Conference Liveblog: Closing Keynote

Posts are going in reverse-order so start at the bottom and scroll up for the blow-by-blow in order!

4:45pm: What do we need to know moving forward? YOUR STORIES MATTER. Leadership is drastically changing for the better; leaders are no longer necessary figureheads to represent movements… today’s leaders are network weavers! Your new job is to piece together data, people, and stories to build your movement. What if we didn’t know how many twitter/facebook/etc. fans, friends or whatever we had… how would we measure success? Its not about collecting people its about establishing and weaving relationships. From here on out make sure you are doing the work that excites you, and therefore excites others!

4:41pm: People who participate on social networks have discussion circles that are 20% more diverse than people who don’t and are more likely to be active offline too!

4:40pm: “Dear John…” campaign as well… and that brought a TANGIBLE success because the language re-defining rape was removed from that (bullshit) bill that is still going through congress. (It wasn’t a total victory, it didn’t kill the bill, but small victories matter too.)

4:36pm: What did Moore and Me accomplish? No (full and appropriate) apologies made, no laws passed, the case wasn’t really effected… but how many women felt a little less alone in their anger? How many people were brought to think about this issue and question their opinions? That is its own success.

4:30pm: “Technology will not solve our problems, we will solve our problems and we will use technology to do that.”

4:26pm:“We made some women’s lives a bit better, and how did we do that? We told stories.” Like the consciousness raising of the second wave… we tell stories and we listen to stories and we tell more stories… the end message being I am not alone. “We reject prescribed identities, beat down the doors of the powerful and demand to be heard in new ways. […] The main product of all that sharing is we create empathy… empathy is the opposite of apathy.” Oh my god this is great. Now she is talking about oxcytocin and social netowrking and how we actually produce the hormones related to bonding when we do this networking. We are hardwired to create communities and empathy.

4:24pm: “The numbers don’t mean anything [to me] the messages [on the 16 & Loved website] do.

4:23pm: She’s talking about how she got to help create the social media campaign with Exhale that went along with the MTV special on abortion. The main message: reinforcing the fact that these woman who have had abortions are loved. Which lead to the website 16 & Loved where people could share messages of love for women who have had abortions… devoid of any politics, blaming, judging, shaming, or name-calling; in other words, giving women a “rhetoric free place to speak.” I LOVE this. (And she said very few submissions were negative or political at all.)

4:17pm: What do women actually really need to know about media, the future, and whats happening right now? We’re sharing what we learned today! Putting faces to the online names; most people read headlines not articles… depressing but true; we need to be short, fast, clever, and funny but also able to have deep conversations; SEO tips like the more links you have, the more hits you’ll get; affirmation of using your voice in online spaces and having fearless dialogue.

4:12pm: Closing with Deanna Zandt is starting now! This is the last liveblog for today.

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