One Note

I decided to start something random today, just for the hell of it. (I blame my penchant for procrastination. It was either this or homework!) After finishing a post- secret for homework in one of my classes, I took out an extra index card and wrote a message on it that challenges the finder to brighten someone else’s day (how vague can I get, right?) and then pass the challenge on to someone else.

At the bottom of that message I decided to direct people here.

Why don’t you do the same?

If we all make an index card with an instruction, and then place it somewhere random. We could start a revolution! (Or, at the very least, make someone smile.)

Then people can come back here, and post what they did and how they passed it on.

How big will it get? Only one way to find out…

THE ONLY GUIDELINE: Encourage love & positivity. No judgments here, only love. Also, if you feel okay with it, please include a link back here so more people can come and share their stories!

If you found or left a note feel free to post in the comments/e-mail me a recap! Pictures are more than welcome as well :)

5 thoughts on “One Note

  1. hi! My name’s Christina and my friend Allie gave me this note. It made me feel so special! We’re in Northern NJ and I’m bringing this note to Pennsylvania to go visit some friends this weekend. Maybe it will make it back around here some day!

  2. Just an update:

    I’ve left (6) notes in North Jersey since we last spoke and (2) notes in South Jersey… anyone else made any?

    I’ll try and take some pictures next time I do a batch!

  3. Hi – I’m relatively new to WordPress and want you to know that I was really inspired by your blog, and the whole theme of hope. Just one person can make such a difference – and also, I’m continuing your postcard idea. I’ll take some pictures, and I think I’m going to leave a few blank index cards behind it – so they can easily leave notes for other people :). Thanks for CHOOSING to be positive and hopeful, and to gift it to others!

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